Kraken Rum Glasses
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I stumbled on this recipe, and while I don't really need to know how to make a Kraken and Kola, I DO need to own the glasses it is shown in.
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I'd call it a stacking double old fashioned (or DOF), and the photographer probably picked it up at a Goodwill. I can find a | few in the vicinity of that shape, but that particular taper and bottom seem to be rather unique.
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These are similarly shaped and awesome
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I'm not having any luck either. Here are a few with some interesting lines but nothing with that specific kind of stacked base.
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Oh, God, we had a set of twelve of these when I was growing up, though ours were smoked and had more of a taper on the top. Crate and Barrel, most likely. Closest they have (other than stacking DOF glasses as above) is this. Hmm -- these from Etsy are nearly exactly like ours, but etched. Bet you anything ours were considered Pfaltzgraff knockoffs back then. I'm wondering if vintage shops (where, you know, 70s is vintage...) are your best bet.
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Looks like Iittala to me, maybe the Klubi beer glass?
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I have those! In a frosted blue though, and bought them ages ago at a thrift store. If you happen to be near Philadelphia, I recently stumbled across a store that had the most amazing collection of (decently priced!) vintage barware.
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I never thought I'd get such a broad array, I love all of them, and now I have to make a choice, OR JUST BUY THEM ALL. Thanks!
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