Who gives the most to charity?
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Could you point me to statistics about who gives to charity? Specifically correlated with political parties, income, race, and religious status? I'm looking for statistics, not opinions.
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You'll probably have to specify what constitutes a "charity" as I suspect that many religious individuals tithe to charity organizations that are religiously affiliated.
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Hmm. Google for "irs charitable giving statistics", hit "I Feel Lucky", and bingo: National Center for Charitable Statistics.

That wasn't so hard, was it?
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Response by poster: No harder than being polite would be, I guess. I didn't think to include "irs" or use "charitable" rather than "charity." Thanks, though.
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Response by poster: And still, I don't see information regarding religion, race, or political affiliation there.
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Here's a few articles I found:

Charity and Age

Charity and Income

I think if you search on that site under "American Demographics" you may find more articles like these...
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Best answer: These papers might help, although I've made a big assumption in providing US-based resources.

Harvard paper on social influences and charitable contributions (PDF)

After-life and Charitable Giving

Separability & Substitability (PDF) -- maybe not what you're looking for, but it could tie in

Factors in calculating a prediction for giving

Also, the National Center for Charitable Statistics has a wealth of information.
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The Johns Hopkins Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project has tons of stats on cash donations and volunteering in different countries. This table (.pdf) shows charitable giving by country as a % of GDP (1995-2000).
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This was referenced as a source in an Economist article on the subject: http://www.philanthropy.iupui.edu/.

Also, appearantly the US tends to give more of total GDP to charity than most other countries (balanced by the fact that many other countries have higher taxes and larger social welfare spending).
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