Greek Translation: "Solidarity with Greek Workers"
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How would you write "Solidarity with Greek Workers" in modern idiomatic greek? For context: this is for a left-wing march banner.
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Not a translation, but I will note that if you don't have a native Greek speaker, a translation that stops at the sign that you want to translate may not be seen as real solidarity. I think if you write it in English, you will still be understood.
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Can't find any images of "Solidarity with Greek Workers" protest signs written in Greek, but here's one for We Are All Greeks, if that's an acceptable alternative.
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From my Greek husband, two options, each in both all caps and upper and lower case:


Συμπαράσταση στους Ελληνες εργάτες



Συμπαράσταση στους Ελληνες εργαζόμενους

The first is more specifically "manual laborers," while the second is all working people – anyone who works for a living.
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