Who is the author of these mp3s, and when were they made?
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I'm trying to find some information on the creator of these chippy mashups, and when they were first released.

I've had these mp3s for a while now, but they've been copied around so much that the file creation date is not the date they were made. They're made by a fellow who went by the name of Mark VII, and I'd like to know more about this person. Only links I've found point to a guy on SoundCloud going by the name of Mark Von V or markvang, but I don't think it's the same fellow.

ID3 tags link to a site that's "on hiatus," and reveal only the names of the original C64 tune and the vocalist.

Links are here:
1. Mark VII - Spherical Rhymes
2. Mark VII - Comic Enemy.

FWIW: it looks like the site that's listed in the ID3 tag had their stuff licensed under CC.
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(Don't mean to threadsit, but I wanted to mention that yes, I have seen this link way back in 2004, and found no add'l info then.)
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There are several more of these, I used to have them all but I don't know. They were mostly very great. I'm sorry I don't know more about the source of them but even when I first found them there was nothing available about their maker.
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I first saw them, I think, in the early 2000s, something like 2002-2003 if I had to guess. The other ones I can think of are based on the songs:

Sorry Ms Jackson (Outkast) (called Commando Jackson)

Brown vs Gray

Duke of Noise
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God Duke of Noise is great. Thanks for reminding me of these.
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Argh, I see now you already knew about all of these.
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The file info lists this website:


Did you try that rabbit hole?
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Yep. That's the site in ID3 I was referring to.
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Well, I'd really hoped someone would turn up something. Sorry dude.
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