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What is the best online GIS mapping tool that you've found or used for Censuis data visualization?

Looking for a good tool that would easily let me map race, income, demographics and other data on at least down to the tract level and especially over the past few decades. Something like what the Washington Post has here or the New York Times has here. I remember University of Minnesota having something like this at some point but can't find it - i am familiar with GIS but would love something to pull up statistics and maps quickly.
posted by waylaid to Society & Culture (5 answers total) 6 users marked this as a favorite has a basic data set for free
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free data

free build-your-own-web-map-app

some learning curve involved, but a little trial and error ought to get you there
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Response by poster: yes! It WAS socialexplorer I was looking for. Does anyone have any similar resources like that that dont have 2010 data restricted?
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wait a asked for 'best', not 'free'...

so the licensed option has a great deal more features. it's tailored for organizational users.

<disclosure>i am not associated to esri in any way except as a user</disclosure>
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If you download Census shape maps you can then import them into Google Fusion Tables via
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