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Does this sound familiar to anyone? Ok, I know this is vague, especially since there is no plot. I've been trying to remember a children's book about art. I'm pretty sure it was published by the Museum of Modern Art and most likely in the late 1980s to early 1990s. The book had an artwork for every letter of the alphabet, for instance "D is for Dance" paired with Dance I by Henri Matisse. I also remember Two Cheeseburgers, with Everything by Claes Oldenburg.

The book was hardcover, dark blue, and taller than it was wide, roughly 9x5 inches. Thanks!
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At first I thought you might be talking about Seen Art? But then I realized you were talking about another book that I think I saw recently and might be able to track down if nobody else figures it out.
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Another possibility: I Spy
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(That was an awkward phone link. I Spy: An Alphabet in Art)

A potential with a "D is for Dancer" page: A is for Art Museum.

Mini Masters are board books, but if the kid is younger, they're super cute, too.
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We have A is for Art Museum in our (extensive!) alphabet book collection, that doesn't match the works cited.
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I have "Museum ABC," published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2002), in front of me. It's a little over 8" square, and each letter is illustrated by four small pieces of art. D includes Degas; no cheeseburgers in sight, though. Rules out one more title?

Gorgeous book, though, for those who collect such things.
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