Something cheaper than a VGADVI broadcaster?
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I would really love to own this product. Can you recommend any similar products? My budget is about $500.00.
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What's your input setup?
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What are your requirements - are you looking for the capturing part, combining the two videos part, or the streaming part? Depending on what you need, you might be interested in:

* the free CamTwist (Mac) and ManyCam (Win) will take part of your screen or video inputs and mix them to some extent with PiP, titles, lower thirds, etc.

* software like WireCast ($500-$800) or VidBlaster ($200-$2000) can mix multiple video streams, add effects, add virtual sets to green screen, etc. and then stream them out. I use WireCast; works ok, crashes sometimes. We bought some Blackmagic HDMI cards for a PC that we use to capture & stream.

* for a streaming service, you can go free->expensive with services like Ustream, Livestream, and others.
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Livestream Broadcaster $495. Plugs directly into the camera and streams on its own.
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What's the input and application? If it's all for local viewing, maybe a 1x4 or 1x8 HDbaseT setup. You could pull the sources into a little linux box, do the PIP and compositing in software and attach it's video output to the HDbaseT feed.

Or use a streaming server, if that's what you want.
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