Please help me find a book published in Argentina, now out of print.
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Hello dear Mefites. I am looking to buy or borrow this very-hard-to-find book: Ramacciotti, Sandra and Rodil, María Victoria (2006): Economics: Glossary of Metaphorical Usage - Glosario Económico - Financiero Uso Metafórico de Voces. Buenos Aires: Editorial Quorum.

I have already contacted the publishing house (Editorial Quorum). Answer: it is out of print and they can't help me out because they don't know if/when a new edition will come out. I am guessing: never.

I have already made an international interlending request at my university, but the book has been on my list of open orders for almost three months.

I think it's time to start looking elsewhere....

Ideally I would like to buy it, as I could really use it to write my thesis. If somebody were to find it in a public or private library somewhere, I would let my the interlending people in my library know about it, so they could attempt to get it for me.

Thank you so much for your help!!!!
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Have you thought of contacting the translator directly? I know she's not in the bookselling business, but it might be worth a shot.
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Here are the libraries that hold that title according to WorldCat. I'm pretty sure your interlending people know about these.
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No I hadn't thought about it. You are right! The authors might indeed be keeping track of where their own books might still be sold, and maybe they have a spare copy they are willing to sell to me... Thanks!
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I'm pretty sure your interlending people know about these.

Right, so it might not be a bad idea to e-mail them asking about the status of my order... Thanks!
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Are you in the US? I used to work in Interlibrary Loan and the UC Libraries are really good about lending. I'd get in touch with your ILL department and find out what's going on if it's been a few months.
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There's this book search service in Argentina:
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Thank you guys so much! Done all you've suggested, crossing fingers! :)
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You might find it here it doesnt really say if they have it in stock.

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update: Earlier this week I got the book as an international interlibrary loan from the Library of Congress in the US (to Germany), and I can keep it for a month. Thanks everyone for your help!
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