Yet another cat naming question ...
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We are about to adopt a gorgeous pair of young cats. They are 1yo, brother and sister, tabby and white, mainly white with tabby spots and blotches and stripey tails. She is smaller than him. They are rangy at the moment but will be indoor cats and will probably become "fine" and content with time. Quite lively but friendly. They have, erm, had kittens together already (the boy is now neutered and the girl gets done next week), so bonus points for incestuous brother-sister pairs (I am already mining Iris Murdoch's novels for some but they don't have great cat names).

I promise there will be photos. We are British, an editor and a computer support person, 40s, no kids. The cats are currently called Charlie and Lola. These are characters in a children's book and not really appropriate. The shelter is fine with us changing the names but want us to decide soon so the chips can be the right name.

Previous cat names I have used - (For I Shall Consider My Cat) Jeoffrey (c.f. the poem), Bathsheba Everdene and Eustacia Vye (Sheba and Stacey), Tabitha and Dot. Previous animal names OH has used - Snowy (mouse), Streaky (bunny) (he shared Dot with me from when she was 5 to when she recently passed aged 16.5).

Any more you need to know, please ask. We will be visiting them soon to take a towel to them with our scent on; I promise I will take all the photos then.
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Cersei and Jaime leap to mind.
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Spoilers I guess for incest plots.

Cathy and Chris from Flowers in the Attic. There's also George (girl) and Shawn (boy) from the Newsflesh series, and Cersei and Jaime from Game of Thrones (this one is great because they even had kids together).
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Cathy and Chris. Anyone who grew up in the 80s and read Flowers in the Attic will get it right away. Everyone else will just think you have really boringly named cats.
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Marty and Jackie-O
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Zeus and Hera
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Zeus and Hera.

Or any of the Titan sibling-marriage pairs:
Oceanus and Tethys,
Hyperion and Theia,
Coeus and Phoebe,
Cronus and Rhea.

Other options.
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Siegfried and Sieglinde. My inspiration is Thomas Mann and The Blood of the Walsungs (pdf link), all about incestuous siblings.
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Luke and Leia--O.K., I know they weren't actually incestuous, but there were all those longing looks and so on...
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Cleopatra and Ptolemy (Cleo and Tommy for short)
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More options.

My favorite is Liza and Ludwig.
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Not actual incest, but Jack and Meg White (of The White Stripes) used to say that they were brother and sister but are actually unrelated and were married to each other.
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Van and Ada, from Nabokov's Ada.
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I appreciate the affection I see between Clooney and Pitt.

But without pictures, it's hard to know.
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Wow - thanks for all of these so far! I will get pictures soon, I promise!
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Laon and Cythna.
Manfred and Astarte.
Isis and Osiris.
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Charles and Camilla.
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angelina and james.

(oh, come on. you knew someone would go there eventually.)
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top dollar and myca from the crow (they were halfbrother and sister), although evil.
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BTW general bro/sis names are good, too - in a way it's a bit embarrassing to explain the old incest bit, isn't it ...
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Hansel and Gretel. Because shelter cats are often smart, underfed, and their parents have abandoned them. And my theory is they often lick your face to see if you're made of candy.
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Hansel and Gretel for the Internet win, oh yes.
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We adopted a boy/girl combo from the shelter and kept the names: Orwell and Kitana. So maybe the last name of an author and a video game character.
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Isis and Osiris because they were brother and sister, had a kid, then Osiris was torn apart but reassembled by Isis except for his genitals (of course) and reanimated by the other gods.
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You have to name them Van and Ada!
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Or Demon and Lucette. Or Aqua and Marina. Really any combination of names from Ada would work.
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Charles and Camilla is what I came in to suggest. I think it's obscure enough on the incest reference, and Charles is close to Charlie, which is nice. I think they are also both lovely cat names.
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++ for Luke and Leia. But if not Zeus and Hera, Jupiter and Juno?
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Sebastian and Viola, from Twelfth Night. (Gadzooks, "twelfth" is a weird word.)
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How about Iris and Murdoch? Especially if the boy is a yowler.
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Charles and Camilla will not do in a UK not particularly Royalist household! Which is a shame, obviously. I have already rejected Hansel and Gretel, I just don't like those unfortunately. Sebastian and Viola would be great except the kid next door is called Sebastian and so was one of my parents' cats. OH has vetoed Iris and Murdoch unfortunately. What do we think of

Ray (Davies) and Lola
Octothorpe and Tilde

We do like Ptolemy and Cleo a lot though ...
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Rahel and Estha (from The God of Small Things). Lovely names, and probably won't ring any bells with most people.
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In Meg Rosoff's novel How I Live Now there are incestuous first cousins called Daisy and Edmond.
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Bonny & Clyde
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Not brother and sister, but how about Boris and Natasha? Then again, maybe Rockie and Bullwinkle are going too far back...
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Giovanni and Annabella are incestuous siblings in the play delightfully titled 'Tis Pity She's a Whore by John Ford, a late contemporary of Shakespeare. The play has been riffed on by Peter Greenaway and Tom Stoppard, among others.
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Romeow and Mewliet.

It's my final offer.
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The Endless think of each other as siblings. If any of their names appeal to you. Other mythical/heroic pantheons are similar. The greek gods were mentioned, probably the most prominent example. The x-men aren't all that different.

from Jeff Noon's scifi, there's Scribble and Desdemona.
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Leto and Ghanima from the Dune books.
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Cal (for Caligula) and Dru (Drusilla) or Liv (Livilla). Caligula was also accused of incest with a third sister--props if you can think of a shorter nick for Agrippina! ;)

Lucrezia and Giovanni (after the Borgias, of course).

John and Franny (from John Irving's Hotel New Hampshire).

Hal and Cathy, for Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon (though she was first married to his older brother, theirs was not really an incestuous relationship, as it's doubtful that first marriage was ever consummated).
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I don't have a name suggestion but I wanted to say that it's not true you have to decide quickly because of the chip. When you decide on (or change) a cat's name, it's just a matter of a database being updated, not a physical change to the chip itself. We didn't decide on our cat's name until a few weeks after we took her home (and she already had a chip), and the vet put the right name in the chip details at her first vet check-up. As I understand it, the chip just has a number and when it is scanned that is matched with details stored under that number in a national database.
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Pierre and Isabel from Herman Melville's "Pierre."
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Yeah, a cat isn't going to be able to answer questions about its name, and if it's a collar tag discrepancy that worries you, the whole point is that the chipped info should take precedence to avoid confusion or even out and out theft (petnapping). I'd worry more about the owner information (names, contacts) than the pet's name (a houseboat has a slip address, right?)
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(and somehow I managed to confuse this askme with the houseboat naming. Weird.)
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Laura and Leland!
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Re the chip thing, we know that can be changed but we just wanted to avoid a) the hassle and b) the expense of changing them when if we can just decide on their names now and be done with it!
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I'm surprised this incestuous couple hasn't popped up yet: Edgar and Eugenia, from A. S. Byatt's "Morpho Eugenia" in Angels and Insects. Their last name is Alabaster, which would be a bonus for two cats that are mostly white.
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Also, if you go with the Marian Zimmer Bradley version of events, you could use Arthur and Morgaine.
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Just to update you all - we didn't end up with those cats at all in the end (their previous owner found a new home and reclaimed them). But I promised a cat pic, so here are our new friends, Mango and Morgan, who came with their names already given and appropriate (the Morgan was Iris Murdoch's favourite car, so he can definitely hep me with my research project)

Cat pictures

Thanks again for all the suggestions and interest!
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