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Sometime in the last few days, I read an opinion piece that led with the observation that 2 different and opposed views exist side by side today: essentially, optimistic and pessimistic. Something like 'The world is going to hell' vs 'We're seeing a a new flowering of civilization.' The writer's point was that these contradictory opinions are both widespread and simultaneous -- like 'best of times, worst of times,' altho I didn't see that phrase. Well, I can't find it. I'm virtually certain it was an op-ed piece in the NYT. I probably read it on an iPad, and I don't know how much that content differs from other editions, but I've looked in print, on the Web, on the tablet -- no luck. (It could have originated a few days earlier and remained on the app/site.) Does anybody remember such an article?
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Maybe Is slow growth America’s new normal? from the March 2 Washington Post?

"Consider the dominant story that economic forecasters have been telling you for years now: The U.S. economy just can’t catch a break. It has been poised time and again to rocket back to a growth rate that would recapture all the ground lost in the Great Recession, while delivering big job gains. ... Now consider the possibility that the can’t-catch-a-break story gets it backward. ... What if this slow and fragile expansion is as good as we’re likely to get for a while?"
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Could it be this New Yorker article by George Packer, featuring in this front page post on the blue?
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I read this article too, and "Is slow growth America's new normal?" is the closest I can find to my memory of the story, linked by Mr.Know-it-some above. If this is a topic that interests you, De Toqueville writes about the best of times/worst of times strains that dominate the American discourse in "Democracy in America."
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Thanks all ... all good, close ... but not quite.

I found it --
Are We Standing at the End of Times or Before an Intoxicating Dawn?
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