Online Work Tracking Solutions for PhD student writing buddies?
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There seems to be huge number of online work/project tracking/logging programs out there, but they are mostly designed for small businesses and freelancers (e.g. focussed on invoicing) and charge by the month. I've seen a few that look OK like Toggl and Slimtimer but none that seems ideal for my needs yet. Can anyone recommend ones (ideally free and with the ability to track different tasks & share that tracking/logging) that are easy to use, have decent functionality, and would be good for 2 friends working on writing their PhD theses and would like to try and help each other keep track of how much work they're doing?

We've already tried using a simple shared spreadheet on Google Docs - we're looking for something with a bit more functionality!

Thanks for any tips!
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Asana might work - its a simple interface that allows you to check off tasks, with a place to add notes for each task. It's free.
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Siasto is free for 3 users/10 projects, and you can create tasks, assign them to specific users, and there are some basic file sharing functionalities. I like how it allows you to create sub-tasks and dependencies, because we all know that it's never just one thing that needs to be done!
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If you find Asana too complicated, Trello is another option.
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kanbanflow works for my academic task tracking at the moment, and I'm pretty sure it has features for allocating and tracking work for different people. It certainly records time spent of each task, and has a built-in pomodoro timer.
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Astrid might work for you. You can link multiple people, set up multiple tasks, and log time spent on each via either the website or the Android app. The iPhone app, sadly, doesn't yet have the time logging option, but it syncs well with the website so that's a work-around.
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Thanks everyone!
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