Homemade noice-reducing headphones.
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Homemade noise-reducing headphones. Link wanted, please. My Google-fu is failing me...

I recently came accross a website that gave step by step instructions on how to convert protective ear-wear into noice reducing headphones using an old pair of ("walkman"-style) headphones. I can no longer find the link. The site recommends a certain brand of protective headphones that are easier to convert. Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.
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I'm guessing you mean koss / radioshack 'the plug*' headphones? they are quite popular (and cheap) for modifying the guts, and substituting the foam with various foam or rubber ear protection foam or swimming plugs etc.

I bought a set a while ago but never got 'round to hacking them...

*see addendum link at the bottom for more ideas and pics
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If you're looking to block out sound while listening to audio, try what I did.

I bought a pair of industrial ear protectors, and a pair of over the ear clip on headphones. These are more like loudspeakers that sit next to your ears, rather than plugs that go into the ear.

By luck (although you could always use adhesives) the headphones lodged in the ear protectors like they were built for it. A bit of mucking around with a drill and I had the cable coming out the bottom.

They were wonderful, but not so good in a work environment.

Hope that helps.
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Best answer: I suspect you mean this entry from Instructables.com
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Response by poster: Thanks, aneel -- that's it exactly. tomble, you were right, too, but the link that aneel listed is what I was looking for.
I hadn't heard of "the plug" headphones, dorian, but cool link!

Thanks all. As usual quick responses !
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Alternately, something like the Shure e3c's with the foam inserts will silence your world :)
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First thing that came to my mind was a home-built active noise canceling circuit.
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Tomble, why wasn't this good for a work environment? Just that you weren't responding to phone calls or people calling your name? (Sounds like a feature, myself -- I'm going to make a set for work.)
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