Where can I get the Largo concert film?
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I was watching some Jon Brion clips from this thread and was reminded of the concert film "Largo." It featured Brion, Flight of the Conchords, Fiona Apple, Louis C.K, Zach Galifianakis and heaps of other comedy and music acts performing at the old Largo Club in LA before they moved to the Coronet. Anyone know how one would be able to watch the Largo concert film that was made a few years back?

The films website is long defunct.

There is a Netflix link but I'm in New Zealand so it's not much help.

There are trailers (1 and 2) and other clips on youtube but I'm after the whole thing.
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Best answer: Note: it's not even available on DVD to Netflix subscribers. Without a DVD release Netflix isn't going to run it.

It's not available, for the same reason, through Facets, Indieflix, or any of the other obvious options. There don't seem to be any copies in public libraries per Worldcat.

Best option, really, would be to contact Flanagan directly. Given it was only displayed at a couple of festivals, it may never have had many copies printed.
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Best answer: The director was Andrew van Baal, I bet this is down to the cost of clearing all the music rights - it's 5 years on and still no general release so I suspect it's never going to happen.
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Response by poster: Thanks both. I emailed Andrew van Baal yesterday and got this reply:

Thanks for your interest in the film. Unfortunately there's not a way to see it right now, but we're still trying to find a way to get it released. I'll put you on our email list so you'll know if/when that happens.

- AvB

So it seems I'm out of luck for now. Lanark - I agree that rights issues are probably the problem. Hopefully I'll get to see this eventually.
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Just wanted to mention here in passing that I saw Dylan Moran at the "new" Largo theater there recently, and it was awesome. My buddy managed to snag front row seats, and we were literally in front of him. Great space. Oh and the pre-show DJ was excellent.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
The video I was looking for was eventually posted to the blue.
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