Share your org p*rn please?
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It's time for Thing Cleaning at our house, which is just like Spring Cleaning, but I have to do it all year round because while I am not greedy, I like a lot of things. Thanks to MetaFilter, I have found, and am always inspired by, UnF*ck Your Habitat and A Slob Comes Clean. What I realized I need more of are blogs with "Before and After" pictures of de-slobifying, preferably as their main focus.

That's what I use as my inspiration and reward system. But even following those two, and any links they may offer, with the amount of work I'm attempting around my own home these days I think I need more organization porn. I already watch episodes of Hoarders, Consumed and How Clean is Your House online -- but sometimes I need a quick, satisfying hit of someone's transformed space to keep me going on my own projects.

Apartment Therapy's "Before and After" are more about redesign than cleaning up - I want broom closets and dresser tops that are spilling over with stuff, then tidied up, more than I want chevrons painted on old dressers. I like unprofessional snapshots of normal, averagely-decorated rooms more than staged transformations of aspiring design bloggers' projects, but I'll take what I can get. You wouldn't believe my junk drawer(s)...

Please recommend personal blogs featuring images of messy spaces transformed into clean and tidy spaces?
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It's not exactly what you're looking for, but here's a real estate agent's before-and-after pictures post category. Not the best organization, and there are also some remodels along with decluttering, but it's a start. Otherwise, there are a lot of one-off blog posts and pages promoting cleaning and maid services.
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Best answer: I recall 365 Less Things has had some "before and after" posts but couldn't find them to link directly. I like her daily mini-missions too!
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I think of it more as simplification than organization, but Unclutterer might be up your alley. There are some excellent examples of streamlining through getting rid of the unnecessary and a once a week "unitasker Wednesday" example of things not to do/get/buy.
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Best answer: I'm part of a Facebook group for followers of the blog A Bowl Full of Lemons, and members are constantly posting before and afters. The aesthetic tends to be more low-brow than Apartment Therapy but there's a nice real-world, community spirit.

Also, Pinterest seems to be full of org p0rn, especially pantries.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone , but especially spamandkimchi and Sweetie Darling so far. A gallery of before and afters like this and posts like this one about the linen closet makeover are exactly what I need to see. Rawrrr!
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Best answer: How about High Straightenence?
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Discardia is pretty good on this topic. It's not pics, but it is bang on the inspiration you need.
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Discardia also has a book now on Amazon - it's only £2 or so on the Kindle.

Seconding 365 Less Things, although I'm not sure Colleen was ever a highly disorganised person!
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Response by poster: Thanks again, everyone.

Just because an incredible number of people favourited this question, I'll mention that I found that Org Junkie has a 31 Day Organizational Challenge on right now, and every week people are linking up their before and after pictures. It's taking time to go back through the past posts there to find others who often post before and after images in their blogs to add to my list, but it's worth it because they work for me like nothing else does.

But still, I need more, MORE, MORE images to keep motivated. The links above have been helpful, but I've already exhausted them, pretty much. It's not just the pretty organizing I like, it's the normal homes aspect of it. I like thinking of someone just like me working on this same thing, kind of in a in a parallel life.

I have years and years behind me where I collected items for resale or for their potential, and our home accommodates a lot of stashing, and I want it to go away - not just get tidied up. Even just looking at my own before and after images spur me on - but I'm a really nosy person and that's part of the reward, to see others who are succeeding (and to keep the wheels moving - I look at the images and imagine what I'd do if I were them.)

So, any other blogs like the Minimalist Mom are also okay - but hopefully mostly if they're full of inspiring images. Thanks, really!
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