Birthday ideas, part one billion.
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I never thought I'd be someone asking for birthday ideas on MetaFilter, but here I am, asking for birthday ideas on MetaFilter. Please hit me with your best gift and/or Denver-specific experience/venue ideas. Subject is a photographer/techie/welding/motorcycle-riding/music-making/whiskey-drinking manly creative type turning 32. In a week!


1) He has lots of hobbies and enthusiasms, but they're all incredibly specific and he has way more knowledge about them than me. I wouldn't be likely to give him something photo- or music-related where he hasn't already researched and picked out (and probably purchased for himself) the exact perfect thing already.

2) I just moved to this city and I don't really know what might be fun to do. I'd love to get a group of his friends together for something fun and experience-based. Ideas I've already had:
- A private sushi class at Izakaya-Den (but they don't do Friday nights, and I'd really like to do something ON his birthday, which is next Friday).
- A private tour at Stranahan's (but that seems cheesy and kind of corporate? Anyone done it?)
- A booze and art kind of thing? Like, figure drawing and drinking? Where would I go for this? Hopefully it would be something cool and vibe-y, not cheesy or too craftsy.
- Calling up a bar like Williams & Graham, finding out if it would be possible to design a night of whiskey cocktails for a handful of people. Short notice, though, yikes.

If you're a Denverite, he's generally a Highland Tavern, Black Eye Coffee kind of guy but interested in all kinds of things.

Any other ideas for fun interactive food or creative experiences or classes that might be likely to be going on on a Friday night? Realistically, top budget is $500, which we'd spread out over several people.

3) If I do get him a GIFT gift, it will probably be something I make or maybe something related to his latest THING, which is motorcycles. He just bought his friend's old Honda and got his license. Possible ideas involve badass boots or gloves or...something else motorcycle-riding people need? I don't know. I don't know how to explain the bike style/subculture he's into, I guess it's kind of the adventurer/waxed canvas/flasks/beards thing? This little short movie is his pornography. What would, for example, be the coolest possible boots I could give him for say ~$250?

Ack! Any ideas much appreciated!
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$250 is quite enough for a good pair of boots, or just take him to Performance Cycle in Denver and let him roam.
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