What place to visit for a geek / otaku / goth / rpg gamer in london ?
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I would like to know if you have some place /event for me to visit in london. I'am a french otaku / geek / goth / rpg gamer. My friends already give me some address and i get somes like : The london hackerspace, namco station , forbiden planet, slimelight, the david bowie exposition. I will be there the 19 march to the 25 march mainly for the louie ck show. Regards Bussiere
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For goth, generally speaking, you want Camden. Specifically Camden Lock and Stables Market. It's better to go on a weekday to avoid crowds. Come out of Camden tube, follow everyone down the street and over the bridge, then the main market will be on your left.

Slimelight happens every Saturday. Searching around, none of my other favourite clubs seem to be happening that weekend, so Slimes should have a decent turnout. Word of warning: the upstairs toilets are horrible; use the ones downstairs.

The only other goth club I can find that weekend is this old-school industrial evening on the Saturday; if industrial from '78 to '98 is your thing, check it out. Many people from there will probably go to Slimelight afterwards.

Forbidden Planet is nice; you find a lot of good books and DVDs in the downstairs section. For quality comics shopping you want Gosh on Berwick Street in Soho and Orbital near Leicester Square. All three of those are quite near each other. (Gosh is my favourite.) Also nearby is Orc's Nest, a small games shop that's been there forever.

That's all I can think of right now-- hope you have fun in London!
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