Where can I find Potter fanfiction in Mandarin?
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I'm looking for (well written, preferably) heterosexual (ie non-slash) HP fanfiction written in Mandarin/simplified Chinese, involving either any of the male Malfoy family members, Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, Deatheaters, etc.

Can anyone point me to where I may find them online, ie. Chinese counterpart sites to sycophanthex.com, grangerenchanted.com, the petulantpoetess.com and fanfiction.net for example?

Googling has so far directed me to http://dramione.livejournal.com/2771628.html which only lists 2 fics.

Would appreciate some help!

Thank you
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I can't promise anything about quality, but Baidu's forums usually have quite a bit of fanfiction: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%B9%FE%C0%EF%B2%A8%CC%D8

Whatever is tagged with 原创 or 原创文 would be what you're looking for!
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Archive of Our Own (Ao3) lets you search by fandom and language.

This should be the list of Harry Potter works in Chinese.
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There are a few here.

Avoid any that are tagged 耽美同人 if you're not interested in slash. (The first of the search results is so tagged.)
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