Where to get a donut shaped one-hitter online?
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Am trying to find an exact replica of a one-hitter.

Someone I know had one. It looks and is shaped exactly like a pink donut with sprinkles and can be used to inhale substances such as tobacco. It is probably two inches by two inches or a bit bigger. It is very important I find this exact one for reasons not relevant here. I would greatly appreciate any help or a point in the right direction. Thank you very much.
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Here you go. Via tokecity.
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They're sold out of that kind, or don't have it on the website. I found an Etsy shop that would custom make any one of them and messaged them but they haven't been active on there since 2011. Does anyone know of any other place to get these? It is the exact kind brina linked to (quick and good work!).
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You'd be way better off asking on reddit/r/trees. They know where to get all sorts of glass.
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How do I ask reddit? Sorry, newb. And houseofdanie those all seem to be paperweights and the like. I actually ordered one from dablab and they charged me $85 for a nonfunctional paperweight or I don't even know what version. I am returning it. I need to know where I can get one that is about 4 inches x 4 inches, has color options, and can be smoked out of. One more try. Please someone?
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The page I linked to has several different kinds that have hollow spaces into which your tobacco can be inserted, most of which have the drizzled icing effect. The sprinkles kind seems to be solid. I would suggest emailing the site to see if they can special order the sprinkles kind in the model you'd like.
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