*Arabic speakers*: Brokenhearted girl needs your translation ability
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Here is the photo with the Arabic message: LINK What does this say in English? I think the girl might represent me. She looks brokenhearted, too. Thank you so much for your help!
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Best answer: My Arabic is not what it should be, but...

Two things that I will never forgive them for:

1. smearing/tarnishing my reputation
2. manipulating my feelings

Of course, I welcome corrections.
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No corrections here!
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On the second point, might I suggest "Playing with my feelings", the emphasis being on the fact that they were flippant in their dealings. The triliteral root of the verb is lam ayn ba, to play. The verb is used in its form six variant, suggesting that those guilty parties (plural) played with/toyed with the persons feelings collectively.
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