Inexpensive, safe hotel/B n B/hostel near the Walker Art Center in MN
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Inexpensive and safe place to stay near the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis?

I've been on TripAdvisor already. I'm not familar with the good and not-so-good areas of town. I don't need a four-star hotel, just a clean and safe place to lay my head. I'm not adverse to using public transportation but within walking distance of the Art Center would be nice. Alternatively, any other hotel sites you use and find helpful?
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This place looks like it would be walkable (15 min) to the Walker & shops/restaurants: Evelo's
I would enjoy staying in this neighborhood & it is convenient to explore other parts of the city.
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Minneapolis's only(?) youth hostel is apparently acceptable, though I've never stayed there and the Hostelworld reviews are pretty bad. It's about a mile away from the Walker.

Any of the hotels in the southern end of downtown will be within walking distance. (The northern end of downtown, too, depending on how far you like to walk.)

As far as I know, anything within walking distance is going to be safe. The route from the Walker to downtown is through a park and then a footpath (at least the shortest route is), which you may not be comfortable with if you'll be walking back late at night. If you look at a map, you can see you can avoid that route without walking a whole lot further, but it is less direct.
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If you're really set on being close to the Walker, I'd look at airbnb. The Walker and the immediate surrounding area is generally safe. But remember that part of the reason there aren't places to stay near the Walker is because there's nothing else really going on in that neighborhood (until you start heading further south, presumably away from your hotel). If I were visiting and had to be within walking distance of the Walker, I'd consider one of the hotels near the Convention Center - that way you're just a bus ride south down Nicollet to get some of the best food in the city.
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