Post surgery allergy issues
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I had hand surgery this morning under general anesthesia. About 12 hours after the surgery, I seem to have developed an allergy attack (I do not normally have allergies, but perhaps one or two attacks a year). My nasal passages are swollen and I am sneezing. Is this normal? Might it be a result of the anesthesia? I have a follow-up tomorrow, but should I be concerned this evening?
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Best answer: Your discharge papers should have a phone number for a doctor or nurse on call. This is exactly the kind of thing it's good to call about. They won't mind; that's what they're there for.
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It could also be pain medication. I'd call the nurse number on your discharge papers.
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Are you on pain meds? Vicodin will do this to me.
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Vicodin and oxycodone will make me stuffy and make my nose and face itch. I'd take the above advice and call the nurse, though.
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Best answer: You may be having an allergic reaction to anesthesia, pain medicine or the tape they used to hold the breathing tub in place.

About 5 days after my surgery I started getting hives on my feet! GAH! Miserable.

Call the phone number on your discharge papers, and see if it's okay to pop a Benedryl. That may help a lot.
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Response by poster: I called last night and they were very helpful. Thanks for reminding me to do that!

Today the allergy issue has subsided, but I am having a lot of trouble focusing my eyes close up. This is the weirdest post-op few days I've ever had.

I appreciate all the help!
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