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For my first question on the green, I'd like to put the clever brains here to work. This is for a permaculture design course project, someday I would like to see it come true but that is a way off.

I need a catchy name for a farm/camp/center/community to be located in somewhere in southern Oregon/ northern Cali. About 20 acres, less than ten households living there year round, set up with personal dwellings and a large common house. Add on to this a bunkhouse for seasonal out-of-work climbing dirtbags doing work/trade, a few teepees and yurts to house interns, campers, and weekend workshops, a bathhouse and sauna.

The farm would go to feed the community, with perhaps a specialty crop to sell at the local farmers' market--perhaps heirloom varieties of garlic. Animals: goats, chickens, bees. A pretty, landscaped spot for weddings. Workshops on mead making, primitive skills, watercolors, earthen ovens, etc. A three week summer camp for high school students that involves wilderness expeditions in the local mountains.

Names that I've liked from similar ventures include Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Heart and Spoon House, Lonesome Coconut Ranch, and Lost Valley Education Center. Seems to follow a pattern of (description)(noun)(type of place). Not sure what to call this project: farm, community, center, school? Please avoid the punny! Easy to remember is good, quirky is good.

Thanks for the help!
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Working Hippie Redoubt
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Rambling Rose Ecovillage
Laughing Hearts Homestead
Lost Arts Restoration Center
Center for Eco-Arts
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If there are no trademark issues, these might get noticed by particular audiences:

Viridian Forest Retreat
Posy Farm Community Center
Moon Mountain Ranch
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Stone Tree Community - permanence, life, people
Mead Mark Farm - cause it's fun to say
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Sorry, this came to me in a flash and I have to transmit it:

Curly Perm Farm
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Common Roots Farmstead
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The suggested names so far have been charming, but could be anywhere, with anybody. A specific geographic feature: Snoqualmie Falls Farm. A name with local historic significance: Gold Nugget Homestead. Something with specific significance: Cedar Flute Ranch.

Quirky is harder, and depends so much on you, but I agree -- Lonesome Coconut Ranch is wonderful. But for that you have to have your own reason. When people ask "where'd that cool name come from?" you really don't want to say "somebody on the internet."

Who are you? What do you love? Start from there.
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The xxxxx Sustainability Farm
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You said it: Common House
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"Herbaceous Understories of our Lives"
"The Advanced School of Primitive Skills"
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I think something working off of Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri's community in Arizona (or Cosanti, his bell foundary in Paradise Valley, AZ).

Nuevo Cosanti Farms has a nice ring to it.

Or Arcosanti West (You might have to ask Paolo Soleri for his permission)

For less specific names

Curly Lettuce Cooperative
Howling Coyote Commune
Gliding Hawk Collective
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Could you further explain the term "dirtbag?" I'm having trouble coming up with names since my understanding of that word doesn't connect well with the rest of your description.
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Response by poster: Dirtbag: In my circle, an outdoor educator who may spend at least half the year living out of their car, in between work contracts. Generally enjoys travelling the world, climbing, potlucks, board games, and has some interest in sustainable living.

Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas. The one that really jumped out at me was Stone Tree Community, props to SyraCarol. It's been a good starting point for brainstorming more ideas that have some personal meaning. Please keep 'em coming.

Here are a few that surfaced after reading your responses: Moon Rabbit Retreat (or Rabbit Moon Retreat?), Wild Hearth Center, Stone Feather Farm, Round Harvest Community.
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