Eyeglass lens cartel?
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I'm trying to replace some eyeglass lenses. Is there a cartel or something? The prices are exactly the same everywhere. I'd like to know whether there is an internet source for eyeglasses or lenses where I can save a few dollars.
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There are cheap places to be found if you look around...here in the Vancouver area at least. 5 years ago I bought from a cheap place for $60 total. Two years ago I bought for $300 total. I stopped in a shop recently, just out of curiosity and they wanted $299 just for the frames. It all depends on where you shop.

Also, are you just getting lenses or new frames as well? Substantial difference.

I've also known people who went to the thrift stores, bought some quality frames and replaced the lenses. I'm not quite that cheap.
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There are plenty of varying quality. Try Optical4less, Zenni Optical or 39dollarglasses.com. Of course, quality varies, but I like my $39 prescription sunglasses well enough. Caveat emptor.
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last time I bought eyeglasses, I got a vintage pair from "fabulous fanny's" in nyc (They sell online also). The guy was really helpful, and I got a pair of frames I really liked for $50. They referred me to a optician in Chinatown there where I was told that lenses would cost $75 for the "non-featherwate" type (non-plexi or whatever), and $90 for thinner lenses. I, like a dumbass, went with the transitions ($150). This included a quick eye exam, so, if I went with the cheapest options all around, I would've had a "new" pair of glasses for $125, which is crazy cheap.

of course, if you're not into the vintage frame scene (think real chunky, tortoise-shell, black, or -- if you're a girl -- cat-eye), you're gonna have trouble finding modern looking frames on the cheap.
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Also try Goggles4u.
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Try 39dollarglasses.com. I order a pair and they are the best glasses I have ever owned. $100 for blended trifocals including frames. A friend has ordered two pairs and had identically good luck.
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