Internet accessible Canadian phone number for SMS only?
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What services are available to get a static internet-accessible phone number for SMS only in Canada?

I lived in the USA for a bit and picked up a Google Voice number there. I enjoy being able to use SMS with a US phone number from my browser or tablet. I've since moved back to Canada and I'm finding that people don't like to text my US number as it costs them money.

I'm looking for a service that will sell me a Canadian phone number (long code) that is SMS-aware and ideally accessible via HTTP GET requests (other methods of access are fine as long as I can code to them).

What I've found so far seems to be geared towards businesses doing either one-time (long code) or repeated (short code) marketing promotions. I don't mind paying a little bit per message, but it's important that it have a real Canadian phone number associated with it.

Any ideas?
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Twilio and Tropo should both fit your needs.
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