Looking for a tune to play at an Irish wedding.
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To the Irish out there: What's a nice traditional tune to play at an Irish wedding? Not during the ceremony, just during the after party. I'll be solo on flute. Nothing too long, and nothing that would require an accompaniment. It's a casual affair. Something slow and pretty, or fast and upbeat, old or new... I'm up for anything! Thanks in advance! Sláinte!
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Noted flute player James Galway has a CD of traditional Celtic tunes. Although he's accompanied, you could do a lot of them solo.
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My Lagan Love is appropriate - and charming.
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I've been asked to do "She moved through the fair" at weddings before. But when the time came for my own wedding, I chose "Si Beag, Si Mor"
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The Wedding Reel (also known as Macleod's Farewell)--the first tune Lunasa plays here.
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I like the Coulin
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It would be wrong for me to suggest you play "Cock Up Your Beaver" right?

I might go with O'Rourkes Feast, or O'Carolan's Farewell to Music, or O'Carolan's Ramble to Cashel. I also like Planxty Drew quite a bit. If none of those do it for you, check out some of the others on this page.
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Marie's Wedding?
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At my sister's wedding, they played Van Morrison and the Chieftains' version of She Walks Through the Fair. It was really beautiful. The hair still stands up on my arms a bit when I listen to it and read the lyrics, although it's a bit of a sad story, if you get through it all.
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I found the two wedding-related tunes by Haakon Esplo featured on this page of samples of Alba Whistles pretty charming. Apparently he's got some tracks on sale on Amazon.
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You might try "Slane," probably best known as the popular Irish hymn Be Thou My Vision (YouTube). The original folk song is about the Hill of Slane.

There are a TON of videos, and the sheet music for any number of versions should be easy to find. Here's a more classical flute version. Here's an Irish flute and harp version.
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It would be wrong for me to suggest you play "Cock Up Your Beaver" right?

Also presumably out is Niel Gow's "Lament for the death of his second wife".

Since Gow was technically Scottish.
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I dunno b'y, Morrison's and the Kesh? Danceable, instantly recognizable, esp. if the family is "Irish" as opposed to Irish.
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If by "Irish" you mean American Irish just play "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling".
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Give Me Your Hand is nice mellow air that is still rhythmic enough not to get lost in. I've linked you a recording of the Chieftains, who are a large band, but it's the kind of thing that solo flute would be lovely with as well. Also a nice "wedding" title, though apparently it refers to shaking hands after an argument rather than getting married.
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My Love's an Arbutus is a lovely Irish melody.
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