Are my knees really that knobby?
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A tiny hole has appeared on the left knee of one my nice pairs of jeans. Can I fix this?

I always wear out my jeans in the knees, and always on the left side first for reasons that I don't understand. I noticed a hole in a pair of nicer, jeans-are-my-work pants jeans the other day and flipped out a little. I've been trying to buy fewer, nicer things and take care of my stuff, but I'm not sure how to fix this, if a tailor can help, and I really, really don't want to turn these into cutoffs (so don't even start on that).

Would a tailor be of any help? Do iron-on patches work? These are a very sturdy pair of dark wash 7 For All Mankind jeans that I've been wearing pretty frequently for a little less than a year. I do put them in the dryer, but always on a low setting. I find that all jeans stretch out too much to let them hang dry and I'm a bit mystified by admonishments to never dry jeans. Diaper butt is not a good look.

I would describe my level of crafty handiness as 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am willing to pay to fix these, though. Is there a way to fix this hole or at least prevent it from getting bigger?
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Try Denim Therapy. I used them for a huge rip in the inseam of my jeans, and the repair was nearly undetectable.
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Beyond that, you'd probably need to post a picture -- big difference in advice for fix/prevention if it's, say, on the seam versus on the top of the knee. (Probably you cross your right leg over your left a lot?)
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Response by poster: I don't cross my legs much. I do cross my ankles, though, and maybe that shifts things toward the left knee or something.

It's a small hole less than an inch in diameter across the top of the knee.

I'll call that Denim Therapy place, but if anyone has some suggestions, keep 'em coming!
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If they are always wearing in the same place, you can prophylacticly iron-on patch the INSIDE of new jeans completely seamlessly. It's like a band-aid for your jeans to prevent blisters, except really holes.
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I remember reading a blog post (I can't remember where) where some lady was complaining about always wearing a small hole in her shirts. Somehow, she figured out that it was t-shirt over the top button on her jeans and the action of leaning against the counter while cooking/puttering about in the kitchen. I read it and was like, "wtf? really?" Then I noticed that I, too, had some very tiny holes in a few of my shirts in that exact spot. I'm still somewhat skeptical but she has to be right. What other explanation could there be? Somewhere, in your universe, you are catching your left knee on something! Under your desk? Your shoe has a snaggy thing and you set it on your knee while you read the newspaper on the bus? When you are thinking of big ideas, do you scratch your left knee thoughtfully? Maybe you drop trou in the company bathroom and there's a broken tile there?

Anyway, I like the pre-emptive patch idea!
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Preemptive patch, yes! Might be hard to get it in the exact right spot...

I've used iron-on patches for small holes, they work ok. After a while they might start coming up at the edges, especially if you dry the item, so you may have to re-iron or replace the patch, but it's better than nothing.
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