What are the best men's v-neck t-shirts?
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My current wardrobe consists of jeans and a Gap V-neck T. I am at the point where I need to replace my t-shirts (they are wearing out). Do I stick to the Gap shirts or is there something better out there for a similar or lower price? Some options I've found are Uniqlo (but they always seem to be sold out) or Everlane. Also, any sizing suggestions would be great too! I currently wear a large Gap shirt, but with Everlane it looks like I'd need to go up to an XL (I figured this by comparing chest size from Gap to Everlane). Is that correct?
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I really like the t-shirts at Target.. I believe they're Merona brand. They are about 10 dollars a piece, fit well and more importantly for the price, I feel like the quality is quite good. They have a variety of colors that they switch out periodically along with a good selection of solids and stripes, v-neck and crew neck styles.
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Land's End.
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Mr. Medusa has the Uniqlo undershirts and they are the nicest ones I have ever seen. They are thicker than most men's undershirts (might be a problem if it's hot where you live) and the cotton is very soft. I, um, find them quite snuggly. They have also lasted longer than other undershirts.
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I'm a lady, but I really love Everlane V Necks. They run a little large for women, I have no idea about men's sizing.
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The Banana Republic pima cotton v-necks are better quality than the Gap shirts. It's the same company, but BR uses better quality fabric.

Even better (and $5 more expensive) are the BR soft-wash v-neck shirts. So comfy.
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I'm not sure how the price stacks up, but I've tried t shirts from just about everywhere and my favorite by far are from Express. Their V's are 94% cotton / 6% spandex and are the softest and nicest draping t's I've worn. They also have a great color selection and several styles.
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The American apparel ones cost a bit more($20ish?) but I'll be damned if they aren't more comfortable than any shirts I've ever worn. Especially the tri-blend ones. They also last a seriously impressively long time. I think I still have one or two shirts from senior year of high school, and I'm a year out of undergrad age at this point.

Their sizing is about spot on with the gap, I have undershirts from both places. I'd order a large and call it a day.
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I'm 6'2" and the Everlane v-neck tee is a bit short on me. Otherwise, it's a nice shirt.

I personally prefer the Lands' End Canvas Heritage V-neck and I've been waiting for them to have a big sale so I can stock up.
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