Recommend some free video podcasts to an audio podcast fan.
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There is an awesome machine at my gym that lets you hook up your iPod and watch videos on a little screen while you're doing cardio. I'd like to find a couple of good video podcasts to start watching as motivation to go more often and to keep me there. Audio podcast tastes and other interests inside.

Audio podcasts I already listen to:
Judge John Hodgman
This American Life
On the Media
Stuff You Should Know
Freakonomics Radio
Savage Lovecast
Ask Me Another
Jordan, Jesse, Go! (every now and again - it's not my favorite but more something I use as chuckleworthy background noise)
Irrational Podcasts

Humor is good, as is just sort of general interest (like SYSK, This American Life). I like art and video games though those are not necessities. Since I'm planning on viewing mostly in a public space and could have someone in pretty close proximity, minimal visual explicitness would be good... being explicit in audio is fine, though.

Something more TV-ish would be okay too, and yes, I realize I could just watch TV via my iPod but I think I'd have an easier time syncing everything and finding free content through podcasts. I don't watch a ton of TV, but some favorites include Top Chef (and many other reality competition shows... I like watching people being good at stuff!), Parks & Rec, and Breaking Bad.

Also, it'd be nice to just be able to jump in or not have a huge backlog of stuff to watch to be current, but that's just bonus points.

(I've seen this thread and am combing through it but it is quite old, tech-world speaking)
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I don't watch or listen to any kind of podcast regularly, but Zero Punctuation is a fun recurring show featuring profanity-laden reviews of video games.
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Rachel Maddow's show is available through itunes as a visual podcast for free the following morning.
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The Chris Gethard Show is a lofi comedy talk show, available on itunes. Fairly easy to jump in anywhere. It's very much like a video version of a comedy podcast.
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Seconding Zero Punctuation.

Jon Ronson's Escape and Control

Mr. Deity
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TED talks!
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I also like TEDTalks, and I subscribe to NBC Nightly News, although it's admittedly not very funny most of the time.
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