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Another one of them "I need a new hair style questions": curly dry and multi-textured

I've had the same damn cut for awhile. Not only am I just getting bored with it, it just isn't looking as nice these days; 6/7 days, it ends up being pulled back into a ponytail before noon. It's very curly in parts, and wavy, almost straight in others, especially around my face. It gets dry and flyaway around my face, too.

Here are some pics (ignore baby strapped to my chest): 1 2 3 4

Here are some pictures from my little guy was even littler 2 weeks after its last cut. I like it in these pictures; it was late summer and humid and my hair wasn't as dry as it is these days 1 2

Looking for some ideas on what to do with this mess and would love to hear from some mefites. I currently do very little styling, but am open to 10 or so mins of doing it up in the morning. I want to keep it curly.

Other thing: I wash my hair only once a week
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I also have curly/wavy/straight-in-parts dry hair, although it's frizzier and poofier than yours. I always only washed mine once a week, but since I've been washing it curly girl/no poo style, it's much less frizzy and dry. It sort of feels like regular people hair now. I probably wash it twice a week lately. Anyway, my other tip is to only brush your hair in the shower with conditioner in it. I part it, put a little blob of gel in it and sort of scrunch and then I don't touch it again ever. In the morning, I put a teeny bit more gel in it and scrunch it around. When it starts getting too knotty or frizzy (or straight because I stick it in a ponytail), I wash it.

As for your haircut, your current one is the one I'm aiming for lately. Mine's a couple of inches longer because I always regret haircuts that are too short for a ponytail. I like cutting a few bits near my face at about cheekbone length. It's very easy to do it too short though. (I cut my own hair now because one day last summer it was too long and knotty and I had scissors and a YouTube tutorial. It hasn't ended in tears yet, but I'm not saying I'd recommend it.) Also, very cute baby.
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Best answer: I have a pinterest board dedicated to curly hair ideas that i've been collecting for myself, maybe you'll spot something you like! (A bunch of them are galleries, so click through even if you don't love the pic in the pin.)

this and this might be good for you!

I get no benefit out of this so its seriously not a 'self post', i've just collected a bunch of ideas that might be useful!! P
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(Also, tip re: dryness. I mix a blob of gel and a blob of conditioner in my hand, and use that to style my hair. Control plus moisture! it works!)
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I have the exact same hair curl and texture you do. A couple of weeks ago I bookmarked k8t's pinterest from this post for myself.

The biggest don't about hair like ours is the bob, because it's such a triangle. Mine grows into one, it looks like yours does too, but I think a sort of diamond shape is actually much nicer-looking. And, in my experience, a lot easier to keep up without too much washing. (I wash once a week and maybe fully wet and condition one other day, but either dampen-and-scrunch in the shower or use a Q-Redew steamer most mornings.)

I roughly adhere to the Curly Girl method. Product goes on in the shower on dripping wet hair, and then I wrap it loosely in a flour sack towel for 30 minutes, then scrunch and one more round of product.

A couple of years ago I cut mine super-short. It was great, but my primary complaint is that hair that short can't survive being slept on (OH THE BEDHEAD!), so for a year I had to wet and condition every morning, then scrunch and diffuse or walk around wet for a few hours. I am really tempted to go for that Meg Ryan cut, though, when the weather gets hot again.
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I've got curly hair like yours (mine is inexplicably straight on top, curly everywhere else) and my current approach is to grow it out - with more length, my hairdresser was able to cut in layers to get rid of that triangle shape that I always get with shorter curly hair. She's also given me Kerastase Oleo Curl cream to use as a leave-in conditioning styler, and that works beautifully to smooth my frizzy parts out, make my hair shiny and define my curls. Now I shower, when hair is wet twirl in the cream, let it dry, and that's it.
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My hair is similar to your hair. It's cut similar to this and this. More like the cut on the first, but longer, and with the bangs from the second. I wear my bangs in the front, though, and sometimes I get them cut shorter (above my eyebrow). You basically want your hair layered and cut so that it tapers at the bottom. MeMail me if you want pictures; I don't want to put my face all over the Internet.

My hair can't really be slept on, so I have to "wash" it every day. I comb it at the beginning of my shower, then use CG-friendly conditioner on it, and then use gel right after I get out (You can MeMail me if you want brands or whatever). I use CG-friendly shampoo whenever I feel like it needs it.

I had the random-pieces-of-hair-that-refuse-to-curl thing until my hair stylist told me to basically take small sections of wet, gelled hair (enough to form a ringlet) and twist them briefly around my finger to get the ringlets started. My curls are much more even now. I keep my bangs straighter by just using a round brush on them (just one pass, using the brush on the underside of the chunk of hair and sort of pulling it in the direction I want the hair to lie) when they're wet. Then I let everything air dry and don't touch it.

My hair doesn't curl as much as it would otherwise if I put it up the day before. I have no idea why this happens.
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Best answer: I have very, very similar texture and curl, but I keep it right at or just below my shoulders with long layers and bangs. This is my go-to photo to bring to my hairdresser, but without any styling it looks curlier. The layers really help avoid The Wedge and give me an extra day or two of acceptable bed-head.

I have tried the no shampoo thing and tons of different shampoos and I always come back to Living Proof products; I use the full shampoo and a teeny bit of conditioner about once a week. I was using the frizz [sic] line but need the volume more than than the curl-sleeking since I don't have to deal with humidity.

I don't own a hair dryer (or even a brush, I think!) I just comb it through in the shower and let it air dry. To shake things up I vary the amount of scrunching or rub a tiny bit of balm in my hands and smooth it out a little.

I had super-short hair most of my life, and attempts to grow it out always ended with me putting it in a pony tail or up in a twist but with these new layers I keep it down almost all the time.

TL;DR: Long layers.
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Best answer: +1 layers, especially long ones, if you can put up with 6 months of growing it out - very easy to wear (if the layers are carefully cut).

I've had the best luck with stylists who had a curl similar to mine.
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Best answer: You have the most charming face; it made me happy just to look at your photos. And your bb and his father are adorable!

Another hair twin here, and I'm seconding everyone who suggests growing it out for three or four months and getting layers to even out the fullness and avoid the Dreaded Wedge. I also have little luck with hairbrushes, and find that using a wide-toothed wooden or bone comb makes all the difference.

I've been having good luck using a highly diluted argan oil mist on the days I don't wash my hair; I make my own, but there are a lot out there.
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Best answer: My hair looks similar to yours. I got a haircut a few days ago that I like, and rather than try to describe it I'll share these unflattering photos I just took using my computer's camera. It's basically a layered bob, yup, perhaps more diamond shaped like Lyn Never mentioned.

The difference I'm seeing between our current cuts, which maybe isn't clear in the photos, is that mine is much shorter -- there's no way I could get it in a ponytail. That way it curls more, and stays out of my face with just one or two bobby pins. If I let it get longer it loses its curl and just becomes wavy and messy and I worry that I look like James May.

I advocate going shorter, not longer.
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Best answer: Also, Sallie Ford of Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside has hair like yours/mine/everyone on this thread, so you can always look through pictures of her to see what she does with it.
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Response by poster: The corpse in the library, I love that cut. I'm going to try for longer, and keep your style in my back pocket.

Marked best answers, but still open for more suggestions
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