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CostumeFilter: I have an idea for my halloween costume. Anyone know where I can get some gloves that look like lobster claws?

The best would be is they were, like, latex gloves, so they'd be pliable enough for me to grasp things (drinks and such), but I'll take whatever I can get.
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Oh, and I'd definitely accept ideas for the clothing. I was figuring that I wouldn't be able to find a lab cost like the one he has on the show, so I was thinking of getting a normal lab coat, and wearing a light-blue turtleneck under it. What about pants, though?

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Lobster Claws.

The internet is so cool.
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How 'bout those rubber oven mitts?
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Thanks, jeanmari! I found ones shaped like lobsters themselves, but none that were just the claws.

The perfectionist in me, though, feels there a little too oven-mitty (I'm really anal about stuff like this :P), but they're a good backup if I can't find anything more realistic.

Can anyone maybe find any made out of latex?
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As far as pants (and maybe a top), I always assumed that Zoidberg was wearing scrubs, since he's a doctor and all. They seem to be pretty cheap from costume places.
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True, his outfit does have the color of scrubs, but the collar is almost priest-like, as if it's some sort of futuristic version of our primitive scrubs. Normal scrubs have a V-neck. Maybe I could buy two sets of scrubs and construct the collar out of material from the second set.
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Maybe I could buy two sets of scrubs and construct the collar out of material from the second set.

Or just wear the top backwards.
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Awesome outfit! How are you going to do that face thingy?

You could easily make lobster claws. All you need is fabric, thread, and batting. A vinyl fabric, such as the type that picnic table tablecloths are made from, would be perfect, and they do sell that in red - a nice lobster claw red, if I recall correctly. Half a yard of vinyl should be plenty. Batting is either sold in rolls, or in a bag - it's what you stuff pillows or quilts with - you can get batting at any fabric store, along with the vinyl.

You eyeball the claw up and make a template and cut out two pieces for each claw. You could lay your hand on a piece of posterboard or cardboard and trace your hand, and then using your hand, draw the claw around it, leaving allowance for sewing seams, and more beyond that, because stuffing will take up a lot of space. Cut it out and lay the template on the fabric and cut two with the "thumB" to the left, and two with it to the right. You take two of the red sides (as opposed to the white felty stuff on the wrong side of the vinyl) - one left and one right template, and pin them together, red sides together, so that the glove is inside out. Sew them (or you could even glue, if you have glue that adheres to vinyl). Leave the part where your hand goes in unsewn, obviously! When done sewing/gluing, turn them right-side out, and stuff them with batting till they're nice and full. Leave room for your hand. They'll be really flexible - you should be able to move your hands around and hold drinks and things like that, although you couldn't pick up spare change you find on the floor with them... ;)

I don't know how much sewing experience you have so if that didn't make sense, ask whatever it is you need to know.
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Here's probably the most delicious way to go about creating it. I took this picture at a lobsterfest at Maine a year ago.
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that should read "in Maine"
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Awesome outfit! How are you going to do that face thingy?

I figured I'd use a latex glove cut down to 4 fingers, and attach it to the bridge of my nose with spirit gum, long enough to cover my mouth. I also figured I'd color it with whatever makeup I cover the rest of my head with.

Making the claws myself has always certainly been an idea in my head, but I'm not exactly know for my proficiency with a needle and thread. I think logistically I could probably do it, but it might end up kind of shoddy, and I would be worried that they wouldn't even last the night. That's why I thought I'd check and see if I can get store-bought ones first.
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tangentially related: the second chapter of Bret Easton Ellis' new book has a very funny Halloween Party set piece, there are a few ideas in there
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Or just wear the top backwards.

Which would be appropriately in character for Zoidberg...
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I think these oven mitts have been provoking Zoidberg imitations in kitchens around the world. They are excellent for waving above one's head, and also for lifting hot casserole dishes.
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Go to your local fabric store and buy about 4 feet x 1 foot x 1/2 inch foam. At a craft store or a hardware store, but a small container of contact cement (hopefully the kind with a brush in the lid, barring that several cheap brushes) and some tomato soup-colored spray paint.

You will also need: 1 magic marker, 1 file folder, 1 pair of good scissors, newspaper.

Place your non-dominant hand on the open file folder in a mitten pose, leaving enough room around the finger tips for the claw to extend, and enough room to make sleeves. Trace your hand. Leaving at least 2 inches on each side of your traced wrist, draw a lobster claw shape on the folder around your hand. Cut out.

Using this as a template, cut out 4 claw halves from the foam. Set them on newspaper in pairs so that the thumbs are facing. Brush/spead a 1/4" line of contact cement around the perimiter of the claw halves, except the bottom of the wrist. When the contact cement has dried (as per the instructions), press the halves of each pair together.

Spray paint in light coats to Zoidberg color.

This should talk an hour of shopping and two hours of work.
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I don't really have any suggestions on where to find the claws, but here are some images of others that have tried this:
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The jacket looks like a chef coat to me-maybe something like this with buttons added would work.
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