Suggestions for how to write a privacy policy.
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I need to write a privacy policy for my commercial website. There are a number of online tools for this, I am looking for specific recommendations for such a tool or links to good boilerplate. The site is primarily providing information about a product (iPhone app). It does not collect any information but does have a contact form.
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Best answer: So, I'm not a lawyer and privacy policies may be fraught with issues of which I am unaware. However. My company creates iPhone apps. You can use the privacy policy we had written for us for your uses but again I'm not an attorney so I can't tell you if it sufficient for you. Since self-linking is prohibited here feel free to email me if you want info on how to find my company's privacy policy on the web...
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I work in privacy, but not in your jurisdiction. There is boilerplate language, but also check any specific legislation for your jurisdiction and make sure it's compliant at least with where you are.

Best practice, if you expect Canadian and/or EU users of this app would be look into requirements there, because they are more stringent. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, with the Information and Privacy Commissioners of Alberta and BC have recently published guidelines for mobile apps to comply with Canadian law. Even if they're not law where you are, I believe they're good business practice, because it's good business to respect the privacy of your customers. If you're not collecting identifiable information except on a very limited basis, you're lower risk, but review any time you may collect information (as you would when people contact you). I'm less familiar with EU requirements, but you may find out more poking around here.

(Also, I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice, just policy advice.)
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Automattic's privacy policy is Creative Commons licensed. Might be a good starting point.
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