San Jose, Costa Rica Airport question
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I'm flying from the US into San Jose (Costa Rica) airport. My flight lands at 11:47am. How good are my chances of making a 12:48pm regional flight to Quepos? I will have only a carry on.

I'm wondering about customs, passport control, airpot layout, etc. Anyone have experience making a tight connection at this airport? If it matters, it's a Thursday.
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Best answer: I have only been there once (well, twice, arriving and departing) but I found it fairly efficient and modern, and it's also actually quite small, so getting from one side to the other will not take long. A 70-minute layover through customs will be tight at any airport though.
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Best answer: the airport's pretty small. however, I've had San Jose customs take around twenty minutes, and I've had it take around forty-five. it all depends on what time you get there & what planes have landed just ahead of you (& where you were sitting on your plane). you might be cutting it pretty close.
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Best answer: I've been there a couple of times and found customs/immigration quick and efficient, and the ariport is small. In terms of your particular connection, I'd say that the odds are in your favor but it really does remain a gamble.

If I were traveling, I would risk booking the connection, with an idea of a fallback plan if I missed the flight (either a later flight or hotel in San Jose). If you absolutely have to make Quepos on Thursday, I'd go to SJO a day earlier.

Good luck
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Best answer: You have an hour and only a carry-on? You'll be fine. SJO is small and very efficient compared to other Central American airports. I've made a 45 min (30 mins to run) layover. Just be sure to have your arrival paperwork filled out all ready to go when you arrive!
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