Off-the-shelf shipping company job board application or site?
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I have a meeting next week with a Seafood distribution company that wants an application that can match up truck drivers with people needing stuff shipped. Before I go into the meeting I'd like to be able to provide a short list of existing services or applications that can provide some of this functionality. I'm having problems locating anything and I'd like to know what the alternatives are before I pitch them a $10-12K development project. I'm assuming that they're going to need something that drivers can access from their phones that can provide them with a list of jobs near their location or along their planned route. We've discussed using Access or SQL server integrated with IIS or Sharepoint, but a hosted solution that uses PHP/mySQL is also on the table.
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Google "load matching" and "load board" and you'll see lots of services. And that's the problem...this kind of service would work much more effectively if there were one centralized system only.
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Thanks Dansaman. That's exactly what I was looking for but I didn't know the proper terminology. Looks like has a pretty good feature set; this meeting may be a waste of time.
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