Emotional Intelligence
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What are some books, personal essays, articles, and videos that explore emotional intelligence and resilience as skills that can be developed in neurotypical people?
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Check out Laurence Gonzales - I've read Deep Survival, which I really liked, and I see he has a more recent book out called Surviving Survival, which seems to be getting similarly good reviews on Amazon. This might be more about trauma survival than you're looking for, but I'd recommend it anyway. Excellent and thought-provoking stuff.
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By "neurotypical people," do you specifically/exclusively mean people who are not on the autism spectrum? I am not terribly familiar with this term.

In any case, I've absolutely loved these teachings on psychological resilience, compassion, equanimity, and learning how to control the whims of your mind and moods:
+ Turning the Mind Into an Ally and Ruling Your World by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche (reading TTMIAA was a completely life-altering experience for me)
+ Smile At Fear by Chögyam Trungpa and Pema Chödron
+ Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chödron

NB These books all have a decidedly Buddhist slant to them, as they were written by Buddhist teachers, but I think they can stand on their own as works that simply encourage the development of a naturally strong and buoyant spirit.
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Response by poster: I may be using it incorrectly, but yes, that's what I meant re: neurotypical. I'd like to be pointed towards resources that are not specifically about or targetting people with autism.
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I've read Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child even though I have no children. I read it for myself and gained a lot of insights. Only a few parts were so irrelevant that I skimmed them. Gottman writes well too.

I'll be watching this thread with interest.
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