How can I reassign the apostrophe\quotation to a new key in Windows 7?
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Is there a way to reassign the apostrophe\quotation function to a different keyboard stroke?

The apostrophe\quotation and backspace keys on my netbook`s keyboard recently ceased to function. Apparently, it is common to replace caps lock with backspace and instruction was available on the use of regedit to make that replacement. I was only following instructions, and don`t understand the significance of the binary input that made this happen. Is there a similar method by which I can remap, say, the `~ key to serve as apostrophe and quotation? I am tired of copy+pasting the two into word documents as needed. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Am I right to think that this requires two changes? One to change ` to apostrophe, and one to change shift + ` from ~ to "?
posted by KingoftheWhales at 12:32 PM on March 5, 2013

SharpKeys did the trick for me.
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This sounds like a job for AutoHotkey. It's a scripting program that makes it very easy to remap keys and oh so much more. The documentation and community are great, and this particular task is quite easy. The syntax is: original key::new key.
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Definitely AutoHotKey. I use it to disable Caps Lock, among many other things.
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