What's this tune. March/Guinness edition.
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When you tell me the answer, I will likely nut-punch myself for forgetting it. I can play this damned song on the fiddle, yet can't remember it's name. From like :30-1:38 here. And I know the name of the third reel as well. Little help?
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Best answer: Shazam thinks it is "The Dusty Miller".
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Best answer: SoundHound agrees, and in fact if you look at the link you posted (don't punch yourself too hard!), YouTube is offering you the opportunity to buy "The Dusty Miller" as well.
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Response by poster: Oddly enough, I learned this as "Dusty Miller's Hornpipe."

Still remember where I live, and the first girl I kissed. Little love here?
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Likely named after Burns. Which conforms with your lament.
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