A website that uses Buffettology to assess the "real" value of stocks
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A website that uses Buffetology to assess the "real" value of stocks Years ago, I remember stumbling across a website that took the methods of a book called Buffettology (written by an ex-member of the Buffett family) and allowed you to evaluate any type of stock using the techniques of that book. Basically, you input a stock and it did a bunch of calculations according to the formulas provided in that book and gave you a list of bunch values. I am still looking for this website and wondering if anybody has ever come across it. To give an example, you type in a stock's name and some information about the stock and it would give you an output in csv format about all the values that stock might have. Or you could have downloaded it to EXCEL. If you don't know of this particular website, do you know of anything similar? Thanks
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You might want to take a look at this spreadsheet from AAII: Buffett Valuation Spreadsheet.
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This is probably not the correct answer, but since you haven't received a whole lot of responses I thought I would throw this out: Magic Formula Investing. Its not by Buffett or anyone in the buffett family, but if I remember correctly, he mentions Buffett in the book.

There's also a site that uses the formula, but I think you have to pay to get their recommendations.
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