Translucent powder recommendations?
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I need your recommendations for loose translucent powder. I've been using Laura Mercier, but it's pricey and I'm hoping there's a good drugstore alternative. I have normal, mostly clear and even skin and I don't use a liquid or creme foundation. Any suggestions? If the Laura Mercier really is better I might splurge, but I'd rather not. Thank you!
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First of all, All Cosmetics Wholesale is an awesome website where I can get top quality makeup, dirt cheap.

They carry Laura Mercier powder. It's $19.99.

But that might not be your color.

I'm insane about the Stila powder in gold. In fact, I'm ordering more, just in case they run out.
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I like Physician's Formula and Rimmel's translucent powders. I splurged on a fancier powder from Bare Minerals but the container is hard for me to handle.
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I use the NYC "Smooth Skin" loose translucent powder, which is like $3. I've never bought a more expensive one, but Makeupalley generally likes this one.
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I love Smooth Operator micronized clay finishing powder by Tarte. Available at Sephora and Ulta, and a great product.
(I have super sensitive skin and this stuff gives me no problems, just a lovely finish!)
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I like Bare Minerals Mineral Veil. It's about $20, and a pot of it lasts me about 9 months. You can also get it with a subtle shimmer in it, which I wear when I go all-out with my makeup. You will need a brush for it.
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I use Make-Up-For-Ever microfinish and I love it. A little goes a long, long way.
Nars just came out with a pressed and a loose version of a setting powder that Temptalia reviewed quite highly.
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Seconding Tarte.....that is a great finish....Love it!
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Seconding the NYC powder. I couldn't remember the name but it is really cheap and I thought it was comparable to the other powders mentioned. I'm still annoyed with myself for dropping the case.
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Alternatively: My holy grail of pressed powder (and so expensive it's actually disgusting) is Geurlain Meteorites Voyage
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I might give the NYC a shot - it's $3, and I've also heard good things - but if that doesn't work out for you, I'd consider sticking with the Laura Mercier. It's easy to buy several drugstore alternatives that you don't like as much, and end up spending just as much as if you'd bought the Laura Mercier in the first place!
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The E.L.F. Powder is something like 2 bucks and I rally like it.
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ELF cosmetics makes one I really like. There website has way more things than you see in stores if you want to check them out. I use a lot of products from there though the quality can be a little hit or miss.
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I like the Everyday Minerals powders. They're light and sheer and you can get them matte; they do a really good job with not being visible, and just enough to give you this awesome angelic skin. And they last forever.
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I've been using the ELF one. I think it's actually $6 because it's part of their 'studio' (more expensive) line. I like it. But I've never splurged on translucent powder, so I don't know how it compares.
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As I mentioned here I am cleaning up my cosmetics and wanted to throw out these DIY translucent face powders. Super cheap to make! (I do highly recommend omitting the talc!)
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Rite-aid used to have a generous return policy for makeup (no idea if that is still the case.) I would see if any of the drugstore chains allow returns and buy my "samples" from there.

But, if this is the stuff that really matches your complexion I would stick with it and cut back on another product.
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I've been using Airspun (I think around $7/pot which lasts me several months). Link is to the Makeup Alley review. I quite like it, but haven't used powders nicer/pricier than Neutrogena or similar.
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