What are your experiences with ILoveGlasses.com?
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Tell me about your personal experience with this website: things like if the products were authentic, shipped on time, any difficulties with returns or customer service, etc. Thanks!
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Best answer: I have no experience with this site myself; normally I'd recommend the retailer reviews at GlassyEyes but I don't see this site reviewed there or in their forums. If you don't have any luck here, try asking there.
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There are a lot of fraudulent designer sunglasses sellers online that will claim to offer great deals (but not so great they would be obviously counterfeit) on sunglasses and then do things like delay your order, try to convince you to order something else, make it difficult to get your money back after your credit card has been charged, charge 20% "cancelation fees", etc. Poking around, I see nothing about ILoveGlasses.com that differentiates it from any of those other well-known scam sites.

zappos.com has sunglasses. Might as well just buy them from there.
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