Mac contact management (non-web-based)
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Mac app for contact management that's tag-based, intelligently integrated with social networks, and LOCAL? (All data usable and modifiable without a live internet connection.)

This beast doesn't seem to exist yet. But I wanted to ask and make sure I'm not missing anything, before I invest time in trying out the best-looking web-based solution I've found (batchbook). An online-only service REALLY doesn't match my needs, but I can't seem to match its functionality with any offline app or combo of apps.

(Right now I'm using a kludgy combo of a Filemaker db and Cobook. I've tried or at least looked at everything mentioned in the two recent AskMes about this [1, 2].)
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For future viewers: batchbook turns out to be not as flexible as I thought either (don't want to sound like I'm recommending it). Still searching! This guy has some good thoughts.
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