Translation help - Text on what I believe is Chinese art
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Just picked up some cool paper cuts. And was wondering if metafilter can help me translate them. I believe they are Chinese but honestly I am not sure. Two images are below: Paper Cut One Paper Cut Two Let me know if you have any trouble with the images. And thanks again Metafilter!
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Best answer: On the second one:

"Chairman Mao's saying: if you don't fight counterrevolutionary stuff, it will not topple itself".

Stuff is inelegant but it's also the closes literal translation for 东西.
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Best answer: First one is “下定決心,不怕犧牲,排除萬難,去爭取勝利” "Be resolved. Fear no sacrifice. Eliminate the myriad [ten thousand] difficulties. Go grasp victory." Oh, it's also a "Chairman Mao says" quote like the second one. It's from his closing speech at the 7th Party Congress on June 11, 1946.
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Best answer: The first paper cut says:

"Chairman Mao's words:

Make your resolution to succeed
Be not afraid of sacrifices
Overcome all difficulties to achieve successfulness

These words were spoken by Chairman Mao on June 11 1945, in the 7th conference of Chinese Community Party. I am not quite sure about what the "difficulties" and "successfulness" really mean here, but my bold guess was that they were discussing about the war with the then government.
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Best answer: A quick, crude translation of the first pic (since subtle-t's translated the second) because I'm writing from my iPad.

Line one: "Chaiman Mao declares:"

Line two: "Be determined / Do not be afraid of sacrifice."

Line three: "Overcome (Actually, "get rid of" but I prefer something a bit more elegant!) millions of difficulties / To achieve victory."
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Nice translation by mono blanco and peripathetic.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick help everyone! Glad to hear that they are Chinese and excited that they are propaganda pieces. Had never seen anything like it before.
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