Current events satire shows in English.
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If we presume a person enjoys getting their news from Stewart/Colbert for the US, Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe for the UK, and Micallef's Mad as Hell for Australia, what shows would this person enjoy from other English speaking countries?
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The Rick Mercer Report from Canada.
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I was in the U.K last year and fell in love with Mock the Week and have watched all the episodes on youtube (especially the ones with Frankie Boyle). not sure if it fits your criteria but as funny as all get out.
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NPR had a story today about a political satire show in Kenya.
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This Hour Has 22 Minutes, also from Canada.
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In case you're unfamiliar:

For more from the UK, I would look into Have I Got News For You (TV) and—a favorite of mine, for being such a fan of the current host—The News Quiz (radio). Both of these are long-standing, panel-format program(me)s that run multiple series per year, with something like eight to ten weeks of material per series. Because they have guests on for the entirety of the show each week, they can be hit-or-miss. (And then there are, of course, the regulars to contend with.)

HIGNFY is very easily found online. Not so much with The News Quiz, but you should be able to stream each episode from the BBC for one week after its original broadcast. (You can even in the US, so I assume there's no problem doing so in a Commonwealth country.)
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The Bugle even includes John Oliver from the Daily Show. It is located in London and NY, primarily.
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I only really have radio to recommend, but I promise they're all fantastic and worth listening to, especially in podcast form:

Seconding the News Quiz, which comes packaged in podcast form with the also-great Now Show, as Friday Night Comedy from BBC (iTunes).

Also, in the same vein, I highly recommend the Bugle, featuring John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman.

Finally, if you're not already listening to it: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!.
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'8 out of 10 cats' may also scratch this itch. Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock, and Jon Richardson.
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