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Ok! I know this is lame, but my wife really wants a bathing suit she saw Jessica Simpson wearing. Can anyone help me figure out where to buy this? (BTW, I know it looks like a dress, but, apparently, it's a bathing suit.)
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According to this fan site, it's by Michael Kors (#24).
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Kors "where to buy" page (this page works for me in IE).
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It tells you where to buy in theory, but the online stores for those spots have all moved into fall, and aren't offering the swimsuits. I think you'll have to call around- maybe there's one left over from the summer season.
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You should caution your wife that, unless she has a freakishly large head, it won't look the same as on La Simpson.
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You chose a horrible time to buy a bathing suit: most stores have their fall things out. Even the end of season summer sale stuff is gone. At least it is here in California.

You might try online. They seem to have a larger inventory
and still have lots of suits but sizes are often limited.

You could try ""
I was looking there just tonight and they had suits still.
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Well, it's a very recent photo. And knowing Jessica, I doubt she's wearing a suit from -- gasp! -- the Spring 2005 collection. How passe. If you're lucky, it might be a piece from Kors' 2006 resort collection -- in which case, it's probably not in stores yet, rather than long gone from the racks. The forums at would be a good place to ask for more details. They are the be-all end-all experts in everything JS wears.

Be aware that almost anything Jessica is photographed wearing becomes extremely sought-after and hard to find.
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