Searching for blogs by disgruntled assistants
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Waiter Rant for the secretary, administrative assistant, paralegal, etc. - does this exist anywhere? Looking for blogs written in a similar sarcastic tone and style by administrative support professionals. I'm especially interested in those from the legal industry.
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Response by poster: Note: I posted a link to a favorite, older Waiter Rant post as an example of what I'm looking for.
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The closest I've seen is Development Hell, which is written by a former assistant in Hollywood who has since gotten a promotion or two but still makes with the skillfully anonymized snark on the interwebz.
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Librarians who say MOFO.

A lot of the posts are from library assistants.
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You might like some of the stuff from Not My Desk, though it's no longer updated, or even hosted on its original domain anymore. It was based around being a temp worker, but a lot of that was administrative work.
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Not by a staffer, but by a newly-minted lawyer: The Namby Pamby. "Gets paid to dress pretty, go to court, and talk to crazy people."
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Anonymous Production Assistant Blog
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A Paralegal's Life
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There is the infrequently updated My So Called Job, by the assistant to a wealthy and elderly former business man. It's funny, but not overly snarky, and poignant now that her boss has very recently died.
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It hasn't been updated in some time, but also on LJ there's Admin Hell.
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The Temp Diaries
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It's now defunct but I loved reading Fresh Pepper when it was active. The guy who wrote it was practicing law but was in a low level position.
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Not a blog, but I think you'll see exactly the tone you're looking for in a book called "The Slam and Scream" by Carole Fungarole Sargent. She was a legal assistant and went onto an academic career at Georgetown University. The title comes from her advice on how to deal with abusive lawyers. A very funny, savvy book.
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