Entertainment center/media console buying help?
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The husbot and I really wanted this media console from CB2 for our new TV and electronic whatnots. It was in stock and ready to ship the other day, but now it's listed as "Estimated in mid-March." Knowing how backorders go, it could be sooner or later than that, or just never materialize at all. Can you help us find something similar that is available now?

What we like about the CB2 console:
-the openness
-the width (61")
-the height (22")
-the medium wood color
-the price ($600 + $100 shipping)

We could be flexible on any of the above features, but not too far in any direction. For example, we don't want to spend $2000 or get a 36" high super dark brown closed-looking model. But we could get something longer and lighter, slightly taller and a little more expensive, and so on. $1000 is probably our max price, but we might consider a little more if everything else is just right.

We've looked (online) at Crate & Barrel, Macy's, West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Room & Board, but everything seems to be too dark, too tall, too narrow, or too expensive. Crate & Barrel or Room & Board are good examples of our style, with maybe middle of the road quality (affordable but not IKEA particle board). Can you think of any other places we should look, or recommend any specific pieces?
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I might have a few ideas and will check them out for you. In the meantime, consider the cable situation. These open consoles look nice in the photos, but can start to look a little messy with masses of cables flowing around in the back. It's worth it to consider how you'll organize them ahead of time.
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CB2 says that credenza is in stock and ready for delivery to my ZIP code, but I get the "Estimated in mid March" remark when I try the ZIP code associated with the location in your profile. This suggests that it might be the case that the item is not actually backordered, it's just that they ship from their stores rather than a centralized warehouse, and the store assigned for your area doesn't currently have any. You might try calling the closest physical CB2 store and see if they can order the item for you.
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On a lark, I just tried all of the ZIP codes associated with the physical CB2 stores, and the "framework credenza" is reported as in stock and ready to ship in all of the ZIP codes in the CB2 store list except for the ones associated with the New York and D.C. stores. So if you call the closest CB2 store (NYC?) and they can't help you, try calling the nearest CB2 store that isn't a New York and D.C. store and see if they are willing to ship you the credenza.
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Response by poster: Thanks! They will only deliver for $99 from a warehouse within 50 miles. They don't ship, but rather do full two-man furniture delivery. The mid-March time is probably to get one from elsewhere to the closer location. But that means they still exist and won't be backordered into oblivion! Great news!
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