CompSci/CompLit: Anyone have links to interesting "poetry" generators?
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I've found this (see more here), which seems to be defunct (links to the "generator" are 404), and this, which is less than satisfying. Here in the age of alleged "robot authors" I'm hoping to do better. Any leads, anyone?

And if you're thinking, "Hey, how about a little something more, maybe tangentially related, just for amusement's sake?" then I'm thinking "Okay, here."
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How about this?
posted by moonmilk at 8:44 AM on March 3, 2013

I'm not sure if it produces "good" poems, but pentametron constructs sonnets out of daily twitter data.
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Response by poster: Both of those are more amusing than anything I found on my own. Thank you.

I particularly like @Pentametron. Mining twitter for appropriate meter is very clever, as it seems to catch more complete thoughts and a degree of current-events topicality that is missing from the google bots (absent additional intervention by the user).
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I didn't want to mention pentametron, since I made it, but now I can say thanks!
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Response by poster: And now I don't have to worry about asking you why you didn't mention it, so thanks for that as well.
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You should look at the work of Nick Montfort and Tony Veale and the past editions of the International Conference on Computational Creativity such as this paper
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Response by poster: Thank you, Jabberwocky. I will.
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Documentation about "Frequency", a poetry generator by Scott Rettberg
posted by moonmilk at 1:28 PM on March 6, 2013

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