Yet another Name That Movie plea...
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Asking for a friend (honest!). Movie plot centers around a young couple living in a NYC apartment building who suspect that their young male neighbor is a terrorist (suspicious items delivered, etc.). At the end, their suspicion turns out to be true. Ring any bells, friends?
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This 30 Rock episode meets Arlington Road?
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Arlington Road?
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Civic Duty?
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Thanks, mefitia, but from my friend's memory, it is a young couple who become suspicious, and a plane does blow up at the end of the film.
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Arlington Road definitely takes place in Northern Virginia. I'm sure of that because I grew up there and it struck me how right they got the area. Couldn't be mistaken for an NYC apartment as NoVa and NYC are worlds away culture wise.
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Mypods and Boomsticks Simpsons episode?
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The horribly titled Sorry, Haters?
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