On the wall - a framed Waterman Butterfly projection map. Possibly.
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My 16 year old son has just re-done his room. With a lttle help from Mum of course - I said he was 16. Anyway. Dust of ages - gone. Childish things - gone. Cuddly toys, bats, monkeys etc relegated to the cellar. Even the torn Sex Pistols poster has come down. The naked walls round his multiscreen rig cry out for decoratian of some kind. He thinks a Waterman Butterfly projection map of the world would be the coolest thing ever - for some reason. He would frame it himself. Where on earth would we find such a thing? Googled the map place in Seattle - but they no longer have them. Any suggestions? We live in Sweden. For our sins.
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Here's one.
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Best answer: Steve Waterman sells the maps directly and ships to Europe, although they are a bit pricy.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys.
Yeah - pricey is the word.

Seems said son is an XKCD fan.
So now I know why he wants this.
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um can you just print a copy?
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Could you project the image onto the wall, and then trace/draw/paint it on the wall yourselves? I've always wanted to try that myself. (Either by printing onto a transparency and using an overhead projector, or getting a projector that plugs into the computer and doing it that way.)
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This might be useful to the cause in some way.
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Rasterbator might help with printing it.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys - really useful replies.
I forked out for the real thing - but the idea of tracing on the wall myself is really appealing.
Though that would have to be in my room. Just have to pursuade Mrs Murray.
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