Work shirts that cover the neck wanted
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I'm posting this on behalf of my mom, who is self-conscious about her neck. She has a pretty youthful looking face, and is going for a neck lift(?) this summer, but really wants work clothes that hide the neck in the meantime.

She bought herself several light scarves, which are great in the winter, but less appropriate in the summer. Neither of us are clothes literate, and other than cowl neck shirts I don't even know what I'm looking for. Google has been very hit and miss. Can you suggest any shirts that are ruffled or have a high neck that are good for a work environment?
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The only think I can think of that wouldn't weather in appropriate in the summer is a mandarin collar. Turtlenecks would work, of course, but would look out of season, although maybe a mock turtleneck wouldn't be so bad. I understand why she might feel uncomfortable about her neck. But I think that more people will notice her wearing a lot of high neck shirts in hot weather, than will notice her bare neck. It makes me sad when people sacrifice comfort because they are embarrassed about a body part.
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I was going to say mandarin collar too. And also that a very light small scarf would probably look less weird than a turtleneck or something. I tend to be cold when most other people are not cold at all, and think nothing of wearing scarves* well into spring. Some people comment, but whatever, I just say I'm cold.

There's also the option of a large, choker-type necklace, but depending on the style and the length of her neck it could totally have the opposite effect of making people stare at it.

Actually the best thing might be a really nondescript, normal, neck-showing top and a noticeable accessory (like bright glasses frames or big earrings) to make people look at that instead. And long hair with long layers in the front to sort of cover her neck up a bit.

*i usually wear long light-weight scarves looped around my neck, but a little square one knotted would look more "professional" in an office environment.
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I think light scarves would work in the office year round, and will be easier to source, style, and gain benefit from in the future. Turtlenecks are fine as long as it's cold, but I think you're going to have a lot of trouble finding enough mandarin-collar blouses to see her through spring and summer--it's just not what's in style these days, so few designers are making them.

Honestly, though--I have to agree with the above advice that any kind of overt camouflage besides a turtleneck (which is a common garment) is just going to draw more attention to the issue, and agree that big earrings will do more to distract from the neck than a mandarin collar.
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Silk and linen scarves are always appropriate in the summer, and very on trend right now (as you can see from this collage of designer scarves for spring/summer 2013).

I am myself on Team "Fuck It, I'm Not Trying to Look Younger Than I Am" but that's me. Your mum can certainly be more confident as well as stylish in scarves this spring and summer.
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I remember that in Murphy Brown, Candice Bergen almost never showed her neck. You might try checking out some old episodes to see some of the tricks used.
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Sleeveless turtlenecks and dresses. Oh, there's also this. Personal shoppers at Nordstrom or other major department store may be very helpful here.
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My mother is self-conscious about her neck and wears a lot of daringly cleavage-revealing tops to draw attention downwards (she is fine about the skin from her collarbone down). She is nearly 70 and although you might not expect it, it does work on her.
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Um, yeah, I meant to add, for work-appropriate, you wouldn't want to be TOO daring, but I think it is possible to find tops that show a little below-collarbone skin and are still fine for work. Depending on how conservative her workplace is, of course.
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Even if she doesn't want to show cleavage, she could probably get the effect lollusc is talking about by wearing either a blouse with a tie or a busy ruffle, or a padded (or lifting?) bra under a conservatively cut sweater, or a large/crazy pendant. Same as what I said above, except instead of drawing the eyes up, it would bring attention down. Either way, something more interesting than her neck to look at.
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