Bad Pandora! Frank Ocean, not Billy Ocean.
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I am coming late to the game just discovering Frank Ocean, and am loving channel Orange. I want to find similar awesome stuff, and Pandora is failing me. Help tune up my station, Mefites! 

I've seeded with the following tunes: Bad Religion, Super Rich Kids, and No Church in the Wild. Considering adding some selections from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I want soulful Alt-R&B with a sort of soothing downbeat chill feeling to it. What I am getting is Johnny Gill, Al B Sure, and Mariah Carey. I am hoping for songs with that sort of that lost searching vibe. More Radiohead than sex, ho's and bragging that you get from most hip-hop radio tunes. (No Chris Brown, please.) 

Any suggestions on good seed fodder, or just simply others songs or musicians that I should be checking out? Thanks in advance.
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Use instead of Pandora for this station, perhaps?
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Miguel and the Weekend are the most Frank Ocean-like artists I know of, though if you want to go back a bit maybe Prince, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson are what you need.
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Were you thinking newer or older music recs? Because channel Orange during various songs really hearkens back to Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, or old-school Prince - to me, at least. I mean, it's well-done R&B. If you're not already very familiar with those artists, I would definitely dabble in that part of the pond.
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Seconding Miguel

Check out:
Where's the Fun in Forever
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So, not to thread-sit, but to answer the old/new question, I'd be more interested in new recommendations, rather than old school.

Also, thanks to the Miguel and The Weeknd pointers. That led me to this Wikipedia article that I think matches up exactly for what I am looking for, but didn't know what it was called. PBR&B is one name for it, apparently.

Thanks, Mefites!
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Check out the new record by Inc. "No World". Also people call it Sea Punk but I think Grimes is actually a lady version of "PBR&B".
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Here's a couple songs from last year who I think catch this vibe too, by Daughn Gibson and Mikky Ekko.
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Oh and the Internet.
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Tragically, Chris Brown and Drake actually have some pretty excellent deep cuts along these lines too.
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Cascades more into jazz than modern R&B, but it might be right up your alley (re the 'Radiohead' and 'downbeat chill' reference) to check out Flying Lotus' amazing collabs with female vocalists, e.g.:

Auntie's Lock/Infinitum (ft. Laura Darlington); Los Angeles, Warp (2008)
Tea Leaf Dancers (ft. Andreya Triana); Reset, Warp (2007)
Unexpected Delight (ft. Laura Darlington); 1983, Plug Research (2006)
RobertaFlack (ft. Dolly); Los Angeles, Warp (2008)
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How To Dress Well
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Try John Legend and Raphael Saadiq.
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2 more - Walé; and you should check out Big Boi's two solo albums. Plug in whatever tracks stand out to you from those.
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Autre Ne Veut!!! (bonus)

(nthing The Weeknd and How To Dress Well, also)
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Frank Ocean strikes me as the closest thing to a male Meshell Ndegeocello that I've ever heard.
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I had no idea there was such a name as PBR&B. Is this a name for pretending there wasn't anything much happening in R&B since the 80s until Frank Ocean?

you could dialing up radio with genre: quiet storm or neo-soul. Bilal, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Chrisette Michele, D'Angelo, Leela James, Dwele, Raheem DeVaughn, Ledisi.. Miguel is really good
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I'm not much of an R&B fan, but I like Frank Ocean, and I'm also surprised by how much I'm digging Usher's "Climax" - I think it has the vibe you're looking for.

Other artists - Cody ChesnuTT, The Roots, Janelle Monae.
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Sorry I haven't responded sooner -- I was in an unexpected disconnected state for the last week.

Thanks, everyone, for all the excellent responses. I will have lots of things to check out this weeknd.
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